Canis Mayrau

Canis Mayrau Berger de Beauce

Berger de Beauce

CH. Héroïne des gardiens aux coeurs tendres

femelle Berger de Beauce née le 25/05/2012

Heroine is a very elegant female, despite her youth in the body of a grown woman. Nature is quiet, but has a very developed predatory instinct. He loves the ball so that it works very well in obedience. He has an excellent sense of smell and very happy with it.
Started training in defense, which she very like it.
In everyday life, the Heroine quiet, cuddly, contact, excellent guardian. It has a strong prey instinct.

With great flavor also works daily on a farm with horses, which helps to chase the pasture. Along with the Choisi goes well with horses out for rides.

Heroine travel with us on a sailboat, running the rides, walks with us in society and restaurants .... You will be able to do anything and still be okay ...

Heroine is the mother of several litters:
A litter in our kennel Canis Mayrau - father Shedar - 5 male + 5 female
B litter in our kennel Casnis Mayrau - father A´Yago du Murier de Sordeille -  6 male + 4female


Informations sur CH. Héroïne des gardiens aux coeurs tendres

Couleur Noi. Mar. Fau.
Puce 250269500513076
Tatouage 250269500513076
Inscrit au LOF ? LOF
Cotation 4 - Recommandé
ADN Dyspl. A/A, DLK 0/0, OCD neg.

Les parents

Palmares de CH. Héroïne des gardiens aux coeurs tendres

Junior Czech champion

Club champion of beauty 2014

Champion of Slovakia

Champion of CMKU

Hungaria champion

Polish champion

Czech champion

Austrian champion


TAN test 9/9/10

Czech grandchampion

German champion

Club champion of sport 2017

Autres Titres

ZZO 53 (60)
ZM 37/43/46 (50/50/50)
BH 42 (60)
ZOP 90 (100)
Fpr1 74 (100)
FPR 2 74 (100)
IPO1 94/79/85 points

3rd place National championships - category ZM
1st place World championships - category FPR1, UPR1, SPR1 - 93 points/100
3rd place National championships 2016 - category ZVV1 - 97/62/85 points

TAN test 9/9/10

Les résultats de CH. Héroïne des gardiens aux coeurs tendres

exam ZPU 1 and 4nd place

CH. Héroïne des gardiens aux coeurs tendres - exam ZPU 1  and 4nd place

01/05/2016 - Exam and race

Ville : Nove Straseci - Juge : Jan Plsek

Heroine passed exam ZPU 1 and won 4th place in the race.